Thursday, November 21, 2013

Feel Happier By Becoming A Better Giver And Receiver

Francis Of Assisi was a wise man. I love his famous words: “For it is in giving that we receive”. How true is that! Simple words with so much wisdom! A great life lesson learned. The world and your word can really become a better place if we practice to become better givers and receivers!

5 Acts that make you Happier

If you want to improve your happiness, a great way to do so, is by doing something good to other people, without expecting something in return. Showing your gratitude towards someone else is also a great way to feel happier. You can say "Thank you" or you can also write a "Thank you" letter or postcard. 

The same goes for giving away something to others. This can be anything: from giving a present to someone you love to offering your sweet smile or silently give your blessings to people. This can be to someone you know or to strangers. Did you know that only 5 of these acts per week will make you a happier person? And you support other peoples happiness too! Ain't that a great thing!

Give away happiness on a budget is easy!

Doing something for other people is 100% free and means the world to the receiver. What about visiting someone who is lonely? Or doing groceries for people who can't do this by themselves! Doing volunteer work is also a great way to give some of your time to society. By making someone else happy, you'll feel happy yourself in return! Making someones day always gives a good feeling. Following your heart is also showing you take yourself serious, that you’re connected to your inner guidance and intuition.

You can also give away your well meant compliments. Or a warm and loving hug. There are so many ways you can share your love with the world. So even when you're on a budget it is possible to give a precious gift! And you know what's so funny about giving? If you give without expectations you'll always get something in return. A happy feeling for sure, but often you get much more.

Stimulating and motivating others to spread happiness

Be open to receive compliments, beauty around you, smiles of people you know or from strangers. Say thanks to the Universe every time you receive and keep on sharing your happiness and love. The more you do this, the better the results will be. Let the energy flow and notice the huge differences in a relative short period of time.

If you offer your acts of kindness to society, another good thing is, that it spreads like a virus. People around you will follow your good example. They will feel stimulated and motivated to do the same. This way, you help others indirectly to become happier themselves. The more happy people around you, the happier your world will be, and the world of others as well!

Keep the energy flowing! Be a great giver and receiver and feel gratitude for all the good things the world offers you and the wonderful things YOU offer to the world. Be creative when offering your gifts to the world. Keep your eyes open for the needs around you. And you’ll notice your needs will be met in return. This creates a positive circle!

What can you offer the world today? Go for it and spread the joy of giving and receiving!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How To Be Happy With Cola In And Around Your House

Cola is heaven, it is divine, yes you read it right. Of course you shouldn't drink it, unless you are tired of life. For our body Cola is like poison. But did you know there are many other great ways you can use it? Here are a few of my most popular applications for Cola.You don't need expensive Cola brands, the cheep ones work just fine! But it's up to you! I guarantee it will put a happy smile on your face! Enjoy!

1:  Clean your toilet!

Do you buy expensive toilet cleaners? You don't need to! It's a waste of money. Simply use 1 cup of Cola in the toilet, let it soak for about 1 hour, flush your toilet and use the toilet brush 1 more time, you're done! If your toilet is really dirty you can let the Cola soak for 1 night and repeat this procedure. Clean toilet guaranteed!

2:  Remove rust stains!

You need 1 glass of Cola and a piece of tinfoil. Dip the tinfoil in Cola and use this to clean the rust stains. They will disappear! Easy as 1,2,3 !

3: Loosening rusted bolts!

Grab an old cloth and soak it in Cola. Wrap the cloth around the bolt(s) and leave it there for a while. After about 15 minutes you can unscrew the rusted bolt(s) easily!

4:  Cleaning coins!

It is not a myth. Cola cleans your (copper) coins, bathe them in a glass of Cola for 1 night and they come out of it shining like they are new. You'll be amazed!

5:  Clean the battery of your car with Cola!

Dirty or rusted car battery? No problem. A glass of Cola will fix your problem! Just rinse it over your car battery and wait a while. The rust and corrosion will disappear. Flush with some clean water.

6:  Flowers love Cola too!

Have a glass of Cola together with your fresh flowers! You drink 3/4 of your glass and the remaining 25% is for them, just add it to their water. Also works with seven up by the way! And your plants love a little bit of Cola in the water too!

7:  Remove chewing gum out of your hair with Cola!

A lot of kids and even some adults, get chewing gum in their hair by accident. Don't ask me how they do that. But I know how to fix it... with Cola! Wash the affected area with 1 glass of Cola. Within a few minutes you can remove the chewing gum. Rinse afterwards with water. 

8:  Sink a bit clogged? No problem!

 Is your sink a bit clogged? Don't panic and forget about all those expensive drain cleaners. Cola will save you! Just add 1 bottle of Cola to your sink every 2 or 3 weeks will prevent your sink from getting clogged. If your sink is already clogged I have 1 more tip: add 4 tablespoons of baking soda and rinse with a liter of hot water, repeat if needed! 

9: Remove oil stains from floors/stones

Spoiled some oil while working in the garage? No problem! Mix 1 glass of Cola and 1/2 glass of bleach  throw this over your oil stain(s), wait 10 minutes and then wipe it clean. You're done!

10: Cure food poisoning or prevent yourself from getting it!

Eaten something you shouldn't that made you feel sick, or in other words: suffering from food poisoning  Drink a can of Cola! If you're ever in a country with water and/or food you don't trust, drink 1 can of Cola a day to prevent yourself from getting sick. 

Glass of Cola anyone? My treat! Cheers!

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

12 Delicious Foods That Make You Feel Happy And Healthy!

Not all food is bad for you! Healthy food really makes you happy. And not all healthy food is a punishment for your tongue. I picked some of my favorites for you and I also tell you why these delicious snacks improve your mood! Make sure to put them on your shopping list!

1: Asparagus

That is because they contain Folic Acid and tryptophan. Especially if you suffer from depression Folic Acid is good for you, because research shows that people who are depressed often have a lack of it. Tryptophan stabilizes your mood. So now you know why asparagus are not only delicious, but also boost your mood!

2:  Almonds

A hand full of almonds a day is great for your heart. Besides this positive health effect almonds support your body to create dopa mine. Dopa mine is responsible for feelings of joy and happiness. A must eat! Don’t worry: almonds don’t make you fat!

3:  Dark chocolate

Yes, you read it right: dark chocolate is not only delicious, but also very healthy and it boosts your mood. That is because dark chocolate improves the circulation to your brains! You can focus better and because your brains get more oxygen you’ll feel more fit and energized. A great way to feel happier and enjoy. A few pieces a day are enough to boost your happiness! This is really my favorite on the list. Besides cheese, I love chocolate a lot. Remind that this is only for dark chocolate, because dark chocolate contains the highest amount of cocoa!

4:  Greek Yogurt

Another favorite on my happy food list is Greek yogurt. It tastes so delicious! This yummy snack contains a lot of calcium and calcium is exactly what stimulates your brain to send happy signals. And don’t you worry, because of the high amount of proteins, Greek yogurt is perfect if you’re on a diet: you won’t gain much weight, but as it’s with everything: don’t exaggerate it. Use with moderation and you’ll be fine!

5:  Coconuts and coconut oil

Coconuts and coconut oil contain triglycerides. This is a very special fat, that improves your mood and also keep your brains in a perfect shape. You become smarter if you eat coconut and/or coconut oil! The taste is really good. It is good for your intestines too, because of the fibers in coconuts. I love cooking with them. The taste is so lovely! And sometimes I grate some dark chocolate, which I spread on coconut oil and then spread over a rice cracker. Delicious!

PS: Coconut Milk is NOT good for you!

6:  Honey

Honey has many health benefits, but is also a happy maker. That is because it contains kaempferol and quercetin, they both keep your brains in shape and help fight depression! Honey is much better for your than sugar, so it might be a good idea for you to replace sugar for honey. Honey has less influence on your blood sugar level than sugar does.

7:  Salmon

Like all other fat fish salmon contains a lot of Omega 3 fat acids. Omega 3 protects against depression and decrease fearful emotions.

8:  Cherry Tomatoes with olive oil

Cherry tomatoes contain lycopene and this is an antioxidant, which keeps your body healthy, your immune system in great shape and it fights inflammations. Antioxidants also make you feel happier on a spiritual level. If you eat cherry tomatoes with olive oil the effect is even stronger: olive oil helps absorb the lycopene better. I often add some garlic to it as well, and fresh basil leaves. Really good!

9:  Eggs

Eggs are really good for your health. They contain stuff like proteins, omega 3 fat acids, zinc, vitamin B and iodine. Eggs energize you and help you to feel full as well. More energy makes you happy, but what about gaining less weight. Eggs are perfect for breakfast. Best is to boil them, but baked eggs are great too! Scientific research shows that eggs also helps to lose weight! So that’s another positive side effect, because people who have a healthy weight feel happier! 2 eggs a day keep the shrink away, I say yes to that!

10:  Sunflower seeds

Another snack that makes you happy. Sunflower seeds contain a lot of tyrosine. Tyrosine is an amino acid, if your body lacks it it can cause depressions. Eat a hand full of these lovely seeds every day and you’ll feel much better! They are also lovely in salads!

11: Tofu

Another great source of tyrosine is tofu. Besides tyrosine, tofu contains a lot of proteins. Especially women in their menopause can highly benefit from eating tofu on a regular base. There are many yummy recipes available on the world wide web. Tofu tastes great if you know how to prepare it well!

12:  Mussels

Mussels are delicious and really healthy. They contain high doses of vitamin B12, selenium, iodine, proteins and zinc. Iodine, selenium and zinc improve your thyroid. Your thyroid is responsible for your mood and weight. Vitamin B12 helps your brains to stay fit and focused. So make sure to have mussels on your diet list.

Which foods make you feel happy?

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Drawing Food Makes You Feel Happier!

There are several ways to lift up your mood. Think about music you love, going out, eating, having a good time with friends, working out, etc. But did you know that drawing food makes you feel happier? Sounds too good to be true? Or a bit like an Urban Legend? Actually, scientists from the Saint Bonaventure University in New York proved that drawing food cheers you up!

Pizza drawing is Favorite...

The scientist that researched the influence of drawing food on your mood had a group of 61 students. A small group, but the results were amazing! The students, 2/3 of them was female, got the opportunity to let their inner child have a party with crayons and paper and guide lines on what to draw. In between the assignments they had to report on how they were feeling. 

The group of students had to do their drawing art while they were hungry, I assume they were because the drawing was done on an empty stomach. The students were split in groups during the research. They had to draw all kinds of food that are delicious. Think about cupcakes, strawberries, cookies, etc. Especially drawing pizzas made the students participating in this research feel the most happy!

Not hungry!

Another funny element was the fact that the participating students were not hungry after their hard work. The only thing that was different after drawing all the delicious food, was their mood. It improved in a positive way! The student all felt better than before they started drawing.

I don't know if the researchers will continue to investigate this phenomena. It would be interesting to know more details. Maybe you should give it a try. Of course you can also do it on a full stomach. It sounds like a fun experiment! Dreaming about and drawing all kinds of yummy foods won't hurt you neither will it hurt me. I might give it a shot, who knows... 

To be continued....

Do you think you're going to give it a try?

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